Dany & Tris


It all started when...

Two teenagers met on a blind double date at Cheescake Factory over a decade ago. (Then we had a wedding festival in 2017. Now we are on a sabbatimoon around the world for all of 2018.)

And then we became...

  • A Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur
  • Forbes 30 Under 30
  • TEDx speakers
tristan pollock and danyelle pollock

And did some things...

  • Helped grow Lyft (Uber’s biggest competitor) from 100 employees to 2,000
  • Founded a startup and raised $10M in venture funding from Nas, Gary Vaynerchuk, former Lady Gaga manager Troy Carter, and Silicon Valley elite
  • Invested $30M into 218 early-stage startups
  • Made some mysterious art and threw some big (5,000+) events

And now people listen...

  • 100,000 cross-platform followers
  • Composed of high net worth millennials, techies and entrepreneurs in major markets (SF, LA, NY) and middle America (we grew up in Minnesota, dontcha know)
  • With high engagement: Klout score of 69.04 (top 5% of all users)
  • Concentration on Instagram and Twitter (62%)


Want to work with us?

Send us an email with your collaboration ideas: heywedidthat@gmail.com

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