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Hey there! Well, since you are here, let me tell you about myself.

I'm a combination of an entrepreneur, investor, writer, and artist. I've worked for a Fortune 100 company and I've started and sold two startups. I've written articles for Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, the StarTribune, and Startup Grind. I've bootstrapped and I've raised $10M in venture capital. I've also spent time on the other side of the table as an investor directing $30M into over 200 startups. Did I tell you I'm a Gemini?

I grew up in the bold north of Minnesota, put in 6 years in San Francisco (aka Silicon Valley), and more recently have been traveling around the globe on a sabbatimoon with my wife spanning 57 countries and supporting entrepreneurs by running startup programs in far off places like Albania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam. I'm always excited to talk philosophy and I will definitely pet your dog. Oh, and I love saunas, banya, hot springs, and all thermaculture. You betcha!

Now for the formal stuff…

The Short Bio

Tristan Pollock is an international entrepreneur community builder who has helped strengthen startup ecosystems across 50 countries from Australia to Scandinavia and Russia to Saudi Arabia. He has started and sold two companies, SocialEarth and Storefront. The first he bootstrapped. The second he raised $10 million in venture capital for and grew to be the de facto marketplace for retail space, being named Forbes 30 Under 30 for his work. After exiting Storefront, Tristan joined 500 Startups and has awarded $30 million in funding to over 220 startups.

The Long Bio

Tristan Pollock is an American entrepreneur, investor, artist, and writer. Currently, he is an international Entrepreneur in Residence at multiple startup programs, including Google, Swiss Contact, and 500 Startups, the world's most active early-stage venture fund. As a Venture Partner at 500 Startups in Silicon Valley, Tristan has supported over 200 startups with $30M in funding via the accelerator and seed fund, as well as his own angel investments.

Before that, Tristan sat on the other side of table and empowered the most creative people in the world as co-founder of Storefront, a marketplace for retail space that has worked with brands from Nike to Kanye West. Hailed as 'Airbnb for Retail' by The New York Times, Storefront is backed by over $10M in venture capital from leading Silicon Valley investors, hip-hop artist Nas, author Gary Vaynerchuk, and former Lady Gaga manager Troy Carter. Storefront merged with Oui Open in 2016 to continue expansion internationally.

His first startup, SocialEarth, the leading source for social entrepreneurship news, won multiple awards for impact journalism and was acquired by 3BL Media in 2012.

Tristan has also been named to the Forbes 30 Under 30, created street art for a TEDx talk on creative cities, cameoed in NBC Universal's Bazillion Dollar Club, crafted the most read Best Buy email of all time reaching over 23 million customers, and designed a MysteryBot called Shisharka Land whose true origins remain unknown. He likes to write for Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, and StartupGrind, too.

A Minnesota native from a family of makers, Tristan now lives and creates around the world while on sabbatimoon with his soul partner in life of 12 years, Danyelle. Together they have supported entrepreneurs in over 40 countries, including Albania, Russia, Vietnam, Norway, Australia, and Saudi Arabia. Follow their adventures at @WeDidThat or via Tristan’s blog and Medium.

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I paint murals, make music, and deejay live with Pacemaker.

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